Let your customers enjoy a home from home with Superfast Internet

Who says your customers cannot enjoy Superfast internet wherever they are, even on holiday or spending a weekend away in their holiday home. A fast, reliable and secure internet connection is no longer a luxury for holiday home owners and guests, but in fact a necessity.


A high quality solution for owners and holiday makers alike. No longer struggle with poor Wifi...

Here at Vfast, we understand the need for high-speed reliable internet no matter the location. Holiday makers and owners demand a home from home experience when it comes to connectivity, we specialise in solving the problem of poor Internet connectivity for Park operators of all sizes and locations. We fully manage the solution enabling you to relax safe in the knowledge we are exceeding the expectations of your customer base – we have you covered.

Fast, dedicated internet connections to individual units

Earn revenue from our guest WiFi voucher system

Full park coverage guarantee for holiday guests and owners

How it works

See how everything works with our fast, reliable internet coverage across your site.

What makes us different...

We offer a dedicated internet connection to each individual plot. This enables us to reliably provide high internet speeds. We do this via a mix of technologies using wireless fibre and fibre solutions. The one thing we guarantee is full base coverage to be able to serve all your customers.

Owners can benefit from a private dedicated internet connection to their plot with their own dedicated router. This enables them to stream their favourite films, download their favourite music, and keep up to date with friends and family.


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A one-stop-shop for Wifi & Connectivity

See our amazing perks below once you connect with Vparks to provide reliable superfast broadband and telephone services.

Fast, reliable internet

Give your owners and holiday guests a best-in-class internet service

24/7 network support

We know that even at the best of times, occasionally things go wrong.

Competitive pricing

Cost saving on your existing corporate connectivity.

Extra pennies in the bank

Ability to earn revenue from your guest and owner internet service.

Customer support team

Access to our expert team to help and answer any questions you may have.

Added value

Attract customers for holiday home sales and enhance guests holiday experience.

Direct internet connection

Own dedicated service, personal to them and direct to their holiday home.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Smooth and easy ordering.

Support on hand

UK based support team waiting to help.

Something for everyone

Packages to suit all needs.

High speed streaming

Watch all your favourite films and boxsets on streaming services, such as Netflix.

Stay connected

Increase customer satisfaction through fast, reliable internet coverage.

Here's what our customers are saying about us...

Internet access is a very important part of people's lives today, and they shouldn't have to put up with second best in their holiday home. We know from the volume of pictures and videos owners post online that they delight in sharing their holiday memories, so now we have a fantastic Wi-Fi product to match.

— Tony Clish, Park Holidays Director

We have gained fantastic high quality superfast broadband with Vfast Parks. Our holiday makers are delighted to share their holiday memories to friends and family by having better access to the internet. All the engineers are very well trained and very friendly from start to finish. We highly recommend this service to other Park operators of all sizes and locations to save poor internet connectivity.

– Patrick Chenery, Park Owner

Our Commercial Solutions

We appreciate every Park is different, and we will work with you to provide a system that is fit for purpose, not only for you as an operator but your customers.

Solution VFP1

Delight your customers with a superfast internet service, provided directly from Vfast. We fund the infrastructure rollout, with the Park Operator incurring no financial burden. All contact with the end user is handled via the Vfast customer service desk with sales advice and technical support.


Solution VFP2

Includes all the benefits of VFP1 with the addition of all hire fleet bases having connectivity from a dedicated access point located inside the unit. This can be configured as an open access system or a revenue earning network.


Solution VFP3

Includes all the benefits of VFP1 and VFP2 but tailored to the requirements of the Park Operator. Typically this package will involve investment from both Vfast and the Park Operator. We can manage any corporate connectivity requirements as part of this package.


Let's get connected

Frequently Asked Questions

If I go ahead, how long will my contract be?

Typically, depending on which solution you procure from us, contract will range from 2 years to 5 years. The more we invest, the longer the contract will typically be.

Can end users get a phone service?

Yes, this is possible as an “add-on” to existing end users packages.

Where do you cover?

We have regional engineers and the engineering team is constantly expanding to meet the needs of our customers. We cover across all of the UK.

How do I know your system will not be like our existing one with limited coverage and unhappy end users?

Vfast have a proven method currently serving some 14,000 bases. Our system differs from general WiFi providers in the way in which we deliver the service to the end user.